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Winterfest is EST/LA's signature new play reading festival, typically using music stands, chairs, blocks, or any combination thereof. Presented at EST/LA's theatre in Atwater Village, all shows will be recorded and a copy provided to the playwright with their cast’s written consent.


There will be no Covid testing this year. For the safety of the performers in our very small space, audience masking is recommended but not required. Masks will be provided at the theater.


Playwrights should provide scripts. If you need to print scripts at the theater, the rate is 10 cents/page.


If the running time of your play has (or you anticipate that it will) change from the time listed on your application, inform the Winterfest producers prior to scheduling.



1. We recommend rehearsing primarily in your own spaces (or on Zoom). As these are readings (and to respect everyone's time) rehearsals should be no more than 6-9 hours depending on the length of the piece and size of the cast.

2. You may request up to three hours of rehearsal time in the theater prior to the day of your reading. This time is best used focusing on spacing and music stand choreography. 

Please schedule your rehearsal time time by


3. Water is available from a dispenser in the lobby - please encourage your team to bring their own bottles.

3. EST/LA has three air purifiers, one in each of the theater’s main spaces (Lobby/Office, Theatre, Dressing Room) which must remain running during rehearsals.

4. Please empty the trash cans in the lobby into the bins in the courtyard after your rehearsal.


Tech will take place one hour prior to your scheduled performance time, and will be dedicated to entrances/exits, lights up/down, and connection of your personal device to play music before your reading if you so choose. We have two bluetooth speakers available, or you can plug in a device that has an auxiliary cable port. Each reading is limited to pre-show music and 5 internal sound cues. All cues need to be emailed in MP3 or MP4 format to the Winterfest email address no later than 48 hours before your reading.

IMPORTANT: As the play continues to develop, it may not run longer than the run time indicated on your submission.


Below is an Initiator Registration form. Please send this form, along with a headshot of the playwright, to no later than 5pm on the Tuesday prior to your reading. NOTE: If you select the Google doc form, please download the form to your computer before filling it out.


All initiators and non-member Affiliate Playwrights are required to volunteer for a show other than their own.


Please note: We will need assistance running the light/sound board. If you have not performed this duty before, please do not be intimidated. The booth has been beautifully rebuilt, and there will be a Winterfest lighting pre-set with clear instructions that can be taught to you in 10 -15 minutes. We strongly encourage initiators and non-member Affiliate Playwrights to consider this position when signing up for volunteer slots.


As a token of EST/LA and the playwrights' appreciation, Performers and Directors will receive $40 each on the day of performance.







Though we will email to the entire EST/LA mailing list, initiators are responsible for bringing their audience to Winterfest. We ask that you encourage your directors, playwrights, and cast to invite their networks to come and support your work. As the theater has a limited capacity of 45 seats, we encourage you and your directors to RSVP for your own shows immediately.



This is a vital part of our ability to reach our audiences and new audiences. You will be provided with Winterfest 2024 social media event squares for uploading to social media and emailing your contacts. Selfies and images of rehearsals will gladly be used if everyone in the image approves, so please ask anyone in the image for their approval.  



Please feel free to send any pictures approved by project participants to and remember to tag EST/LA accounts and include any Instagram or Twitter handles we can link to help build our audience. 


Tag us by using our handles below:

Instagram: @estlosangeles 

X (Twitter): @EST_LA 



The Producer on duty for your show’s reading will read a brief curtain speech welcoming the audience to Winterfest and then the initiator will be invited on stage to say a few words about their piece. 

As Winterfest is the first step in our developmental pipeline, every project is required to have a designated feedback session in the form of a moderated audience talk-back; the format will be tailored to serve each individual playwright.

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