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Week One

Monday, March 120
Rivers, by Laura Stribling

Sunday, March 19

Murrican Lie, by J. Kwang Lee

Sunday, March 19

heaven, floridA, by Peter Pasco

Saturday, March 18

Sleeping Dogs

Saturday, March 18

Seven Words, or An Exercise in Friendship

Friday, March 17

Mira and The Whale, by Jacob Surovsky

Thursday, March 16

A Star-Shaped Peg

Sunday, March 12


Sunday, March 12

Ordinary Girls, by Elin Hampton


Sunday, March 12

Botched, by Leilani Squire


Saturday, March 11

Theatre is not for Everyone/
The Birthday Party, by Nick Ullett
My Dog Died; and Other Concerns, by Nicholas Pilapil


Saturday, March 11

Love and Tear Gas


Friday, March 10

The Birds, The Clouds, and The People, by Stephen Dierkes


Thursday, March 9



Sunday, March 5

Rosenberg, by David Meyers

Poire Au Cognac & The Deadliest Disease

Saturday, March 4

True Story: Lost and Found

The Greta Thunberg Thanksgiving Play

Friday, March 3
Slava Ukraini! or Waiting For Elon, by Keith Szarabajka

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