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The Ignite Project is an 8 week lab for artists to create brand new plays written for or inspired by our company.

The Ignite Project is reigniting a core tenant of EST/LA and its membership:
to develop original, bold, risk-taking theatre for our company.
Co-created by Makeda Declet, Jennie Webb and David Johann Kim,
this project is open to all members of EST/LA, current and former members of
New West Playwrights and the Playwrights Unit, as well as invited, recommended artists.


During the open application period, interested writers should send:

●  A 1-page (500 word max) pitch, including:

        --  A description of the idea for a new work (of any length or style) that’s specifically 

        written for or sparked by any aspect of EST/LA (space, company, history, energy, etc.)

        --  Your individual goals (e.g., to start on a first draft of a full length, complete a short

        play or two, to explore characters or story, etc.)

●  A 5-10 page sample of your writing. (This can be from a play or any work that gives us a

    sense of your voice as a writer.)


●  A short bio (300 words) or resume.

NOTE: Your pitch must be about a brand-new play only! We are not looking for plays that you have already begun writing or are editing. This opportunity is for starting new work in a group setting.

You do not need to have written a play in order to apply. We want to be intentional in building a group with a variety of different experiences and to include underrepresented voices.

The 4th Ignite Project Cohort will meet Tuesday evenings 9/5 to 10/31/23 (a combination of meetings in the theater and Zoom sessions). 


After an initial, writers will meet weekly for 8 weeks. Writers will attend every session, but bring in pages every other session.


In mid-November, we plan to hold our 4th First Flame presentation, a community-building culmination event, sharing the work created during the project and involving as many EST/LA company members as possible.

Once the application period opens, submit application materials and questions to:

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