Come, come, and sit you down. You shall not budge.
You go not till I set you up a glass
Where you may see the inmost part of you.

Hamlet, Act III, scene iv


Ensemble Studio Theatre Los Angeles is a company of artists who collaborate to develop original, bold, risk-taking theatre. Through the telling of diverse stories, we challenge our artists and our audiences to meet the moment; to see the world through a new lens, and explore our shared humanity.


As an incubator for dynamic and audacious new theatre, EST/LA provides a space where artists across all aspects of identity, perspective, and experience feel safe to create daring work that shakes people up.

As a company, EST/LA is dedicated to the discovery and development of new voices while continuing to support our member artists. We encourage all of our theatre makers to practice openness and curiosity; to wrestle with the things that make us uncomfortable; to delve into complex issues; to challenge the status quo by questioning assumptions; and to lift up those who’ve been traditionally marginalized as a result of those assumptions.


It is long overdue for our membership to accurately reflect the city in which we live and create. Ensuring that the broader LA community sees itself represented in our work and in who we are is essential for meaningful and transformational engagement -- with both our audiences and each other as artists. Embracing the enormous variety of human experience is imperative not only for the creation of impactful theatre, but for the future of EST/LA.