We in the current leadership at Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA are aware of the inequity of diversity and inclusion within our organization, our leadership, and membership.


Our aim is not to be a performative ally, but to act responsibly with accountability and fairness towards our community of artists here in Los Angeles. To make this goal a reality, we are currently working to restructure and reform our leadership and programming.


We will have further announcements regarding this change and the specifics of our path forward very soon.

Currently playing:

Our annual member-initiated play reading festival is off and running!
Join us for this 5-week long event of new works in progress.
Week 3 events include:

Friday, April 16th, 7:00PM PST

A Great Awakening

written, directed, and initiated by Tony Pasqualini


Successful sci-fi writer, Ellie Willis, suffering from a lethal brain tumor, hatches an idea to use cryogenics as a means of traveling to the future, and tries to enlist her doctor to help with the plan. But when a homeless teenager and her older boyfriend, who claims to be a space alien, appear at her door one night, Ellie’s plans are upended.

Saturday, April 17 at 3pm PST

Fuzzy Clusters

written by Sandy Shenkman, directed by Elin Hampton and initiated by Denah Angel



In the Distance

written, directed, and initiated by Kenny Hargrove


A one-act drama about a troubled young athlete's first visit to her parents after 10 years of travelling. Can she walk through their door?

Saturday, April 17 at 6pm PST

Sullen Girl

written and directed by Ali McLean, initiated by Leilani Squire


After her mother dies, Gen and her brother Kellan find home life with their abusive father unbearable. However, once she escapes is when the real hell begins. Flipping back and forth in time, Gen grows up in a house that is haunted with horrible secrets which she takes with her as a young adult battling life in the Big Apple. She begins to realize no matter how many times she changes her life, her childhood trauma is waiting for her until she conquers it.

Sunday, April 18 at 3pm PST

The Sisters Sic(k)

written by Anna Fox, directed by Jean Carlo Yunen, and initiated by Christine Hamilton-Schmidt


Three sisters gather at their late father’s cabin in Maine to go through his things, but when a snowstorm traps them there for longer than expected, they all start to lose their minds. Haunted by demons both figurative and literal, could it be a dark painful secret that is causing their unraveling, or is it just mold?

Sunday, April 18 at 6pm PST

Let’s Not!

written and initiated by Stevie Stern, directed by Tom Lazarus


The long-time friendship of four women is shattered when one of them writes a tell all book.

Explore "The Ajax Project" part of our collaborative community partnership with USC's Warrior Bard Program

The Ajax Project is the first project in a collaboration between our theatre and the University of Southern California Classics and Theatre Departments. It is part of ongoing programming that has been created during the shut down of the COVID-19 pandemic in service to our veteran artists and our community.

This is the first project of this series that we hope to gain enough support to continue. The viewing of the program and the online project will be free and hosted below on our website. With your help we can continue the work and hope to achieve a wider reach to people who are isolated at this time and beyond. 


Please donate in support, if you can.  Thank you.

Ongoing Programs

Short plays, songs, comedy, spoken word and more!

Check out the fun we've been having at our weekly company Happy Hours! 

If you are in the position to donate, please consider giving to EST/LA today. Your generous gift will help offset the losses of revenue caused by delayed productions and programming sponsorships during this time.

Please take care of yourselves, stay well, and we’ll see you soon at the theatre!


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