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Past productions


Mutual Philanthropy, by Karen Rizzo, directed by Dan Bonnell
One-Act Fest, featuring 14 one-act plays by Garrett M. Brown, Stephen Dierkes, Tony Foster, Wendy Graf, Elizabeth Logun, James Macdonald, Jennifer Maisel, Roger Q. Mason, Eliana S. Pipes, José Rivera, Stevie Stern, Tom Stringer, Keith Szarabajka and Mary F. Unser


The Princes of Kings Road, written and directed by Tom Lazarus
Watching O.J., by David McMillan, directed by Keith Szarabajka


The Ugly One, by Marius von Mayenburg, translated by Maja Zade, directed by Gates McFadden
Landline, by Stephen Dierkes, directed by William Charlton


The Many Mistresses of Martin Luther King, by Andrew Dolan, directed by Roderick Menzies
Year of the Rabbit, by Keliher Walsh, directed by James Eckhouse
The Belle of Belfast, by Nate Rufus Edelman, directed by directed by Claudia Weil
Doesn’t Anyone Know What a Pancreas Is?, by Carole Real, directed by Jenny O’Hara
The Fisherman’s Wife, by Steve Yockey, directed by Gates McFadden


Mlle. God, by Nicholas Kazan, directed by Scott Paulin
House of the Rising Son, by Tom Jacobson, directed by Michael Michetti
House of Gold, by Gregory Moss, directed by Gates McFadden
Crack Whore Galore, created by Tonya Cornelisse, Ryan Oliver, Danny Roew, Graham Sibley and Gates McFadden


Love Water, by Jacqueline Wright, directed by Dan Bonnell (a co-production with Open Fist)
Tree, by Julie Hebert, directed by Jessica Kubzansky


The Last Seder, by Jennifer Maisel, directed by Joseph Megel (a co-production with Greenway Arts Alliance)


Headless, by Lea Floden, directed by Dan Bonnell


Bright Boy, by Katy Hickman, directed by James Eckhouse


Stage Directions, by L. Trey Wilson, directed by Dan Bonnell


Butter, by Elizabeth Logun, directed by Dave P. Moore, (a co-production with Chautauqua Theatre Alliance)
Marathon 2004, featuring three one-act plays by Billy Aronson, Deborah Grimberg and Steve Monroe


The Shore, by Alison Tatlock, directed by Adam Prince
Buddy Buddette, by Jacqueline Wright, directed by Matt Almos


And Still the Dogs, by Brian Cousins, directed by Dan Bonnell
First Annual West Coast Marathon of New One-Act Plays, featuring five one-act plays by Garrett M. Brown, Barbara B. Goldman, Elizabeth Logun, Patricia Scanlon and David Starzyk


Berkshire Village Idiot, by Michael Connor, directed by James Eckhouse

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